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Batgirl (2000-2006) #8

"I don’t kill."

The tension is thick here and Lady Shiva is having none of it. She even takes the rare precaution to make sure Cass doesn’t do anything “stupid” by asking she hand her bracelet over with her broken arm.

While it’s somewhat cliche to do the whole “we’re similar, you and I” stuff between an antagonist and a protagonist, the fact here is that the similarities in Cass and Shiva’s personalities are rather shocking. Shiva is, of course, more brutal and refined but there’s certainly a similar pride and honor to them. They think alike.

The differences are drawn in their respect for human life and their concept of morality. Shiva is most certainly a moral gray, at best, but has a high sense of honor and discipline. Cass on the other hand lives in a strict moral binary that even her own life falls short of at this point.

Again, it’s highly interesting to sit back and see two women so similar yet so distant and see how they play off each other.

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comic book meme → [2/5] favourite female characters

↳ Cassandra Cain 

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Cassandra Cain - 10 Years, 10 Covers

Here is a sampling of Cassandra’s cover appearances over the years. Other than being listed chronologically and including her two #1 issues, there’s no rhyme or reason beyond spreading the sample out among titles and time. Plus, there’s a wishful thinking cover that’s last in the set.

Posting Cass stuff this month has been really fun. Thanks for the many likes, reblogs and comments! I’m looking forward to more Cassandra Cain reading, posting and maybe some day her return to the DC world.

1999-07 Batman #567
2000-04 Batgirl v1 #1
2000-10 Ghost/Batgirl #2
2001-04 Superboy #85
2002-08 Batgirl Secret Files and Origins
2004-01 Batman City of Light #2
2008-08 Batman and the Outsiders #8
2008-09 Batgirl v2 #1 cover
2009-07 Batman Battle for the Cowl The Network
2014-07 Black Bat #1 fan art by Thomas Branch

Happy Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month!


Here’s another Cass redesign! 

It’s pretty plain but from what I can gather about Cass, she seems to prefer a more straightforward, utilitarian crime-fighting uniform. I try to put in a design that doesn’t really gel with my aesthetics, but it’s something that the character would like. in this case, it’s those shoes because I just can with split toe shoes. they’re weird and mostly ugly :) but if anyone could rock them, it’d be Cass

Cass Cain, Batgirl, logo © DCE

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i’m undestanding this thing a little better

made with emofuri

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Cassy Cain! Inspired by the new Batgirl relaunch! Comes with clip-on hoodie! xD

okay i actually really like this costume

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Reblog if you would watch a Cassandra Cain movie.

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Stephanie Brown being hard and tough at every opportunity because her upbringing taught her she was nothing but a scared little girl and she’s determined to prove that wrong.

Cassandra Cain taking every opportunity to be soft and kind because her upbringing taught her she was nothing but a weapon and she’s determined to prove that wrong.

Stephanie Brown fighting every step of the way to stay optimistic because she never wants to end up bitter and broken, even when it seems impossible to stay upbeat.

Cassandra Cain fighting optimism every time she feels it most strongly because even when she’s giving other’s hope - You can change - she’s scared that things are going to go wrong and she won’t be able to escape the past.

Stephanie Brown who might be happy-go-lucky but who is made out of steel and Cassandra Cain who might be one of the most deadly women in the world but who is soft and vulnerable in all sorts of ways.

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Starting a new series (on top of everything else XP) more for practice though than anything. I am currently working on trying to paint faster… well thats not entirely accurate… my goal is to be able to paint more efficiently, which, in turn helps with the speed. Trying to focus on the bigger, more important picture, than the details. Anyway, I could ramble on about it… gonna be using DC characters as a theme so here is a speed paint of Cassandra Cain done in a little over 2 hrs from white canvas to finish. Also, Dice and Zedig are currently big influencers so yeah. Thanks!

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